Click here to download the kelvin.23 instruction PDF file

Below you will find instructions that will help you master your Kelvin 23 in less than 2 minutes.  Just read the detailed instructions below and you will see how simple yet powerful your Kelvin 23 Tool really is.

Bit Compartment

Instructions-09-400x400To open the bit compartment, Spread the index and middle finger from the top of the Kelvin 23 and pull up from the back. This will reveal the hidden 15 additional most commonly used bits around your house.




The screw driver has two positions.  To open the screwdriver neck, please slide the button in the same direction of the arrow on the button and the neck will extend 180 degrees.  If you desire more torque, slide the button again and move the neck 90 degrees back so that you can have more rotation strength.

The different bits for the screwdriver and located inside the Kelvin 23.  If you wish to change the bits, just slide the current used bit off the neck of the screwdriver and replace it with the desired bit.



Instructions-03-400x400The powerful alloy magnet is located on the sides of the screwdriver neck. Just get close with the screwdriver neck to any loose metallic screws and they will automatically be grabbed by the magnet.


Hammering Surface

Instructions-01-400x400Grip the Kelvin 23 from the opposing side as the hammering surface. Place the hammering surface perpendicular to the surface you wish to hit and use in the same motion as a regular hammer.