kelvin-in-27-SecondsKelvin came to me in May 2006 while hanging a picture with my wife in our tight condo. I had to haul the toolbox from our bathroom closet (because that’s where you keep a toolbox when you live in a condo…if you even have a toolbox at all). I needed a hammer, measuring tape and level just to hang this picture. It dawned on me that I could build a house with these tools. I only needed to tap a small nail into the drywall…clearly this was overkill. And that’s when the idea hit…why not invent a modern urban tool for modern urban living. One tool that could tackle hundreds of everyday jobs, like hanging this picture, with ease. It had to be super functional, compact, rugged, ergonomically correct and styled for urban living…not a construction site. kelvin.23 is the result.

background-624x802The challenge for an aspiring entrepreneur in a poor community is that they have very little access money.   Then I had the opportunity to pitch the concept and idea in a reality show called Dragon’s Den.

At first the pitch started like normal but then the Dragon’s threw me a curve ball and it was confusing for 1 second.  Being on camera, those couple of seconds felt like hours.

The smoke cleared, I continued with my pitch and ended the show with absolutely amazing results. Three dragons jumped on board with our idea of an urban super-tool (Jim, Arlene, and Robert). My original offer was $200,000 for 10% of the company. I walked away with $500,000 for 25% making kelvin one of the few companies to ever get more than what was originally asked for.