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Kelvin upped their game with the launch of their new and improved Kelvin 36. Whether you’re doing DIY home improvements or ready to downsize your bulky toolbox…  The Kelvin 36 is a nifty gadget you will want to keep close by.  A combination of innovation, creativity and convenience, this marvelous multi-use device can come in handy when you least expect it (especially for camping and road trips).  The Kelvin 36 encompasses the essentials such as a screwdriver, hammer, flashlight, level, measuring tape and more.  Versatile and compact, this rugged and stylish multi-tool is small enough to fit in the back of your pocket, making portability simple.

  • Includes the most common everyday household tools
  • Extra bonus: bottle opener &corkscrew (perfect for your kitchen drawer)
  • Great for travel, keep it in your glove compartment, RV, beach house or condo.
  • Ideal for limited space areas, 
  • Lightweight but super tough, you can run over it with a car!

Kelvin saw the need for a price point variation and launched the Kelvin 17 soon after. Known as the Everyday Multitool, the consumer friendly price has the opportunity to put Kelvin's in the hands of so many more consumers.

Kelvin is alway designing and developing multifunctional tools to help simplify your life. Recently they launched the Kelvin 8 Automobile Emergency tool. The Kelvin 8 features a 2000 mAh rechargeable power bank, 4 position LED Flashlight with an built in SOS Signal, a 100 Decibel Siren, a Window Breaker and a Seat belt cutter. all designed in a compact tool that fits in your glove box. Give the gift of Safety.

Recently Kelvin released Glamsockets, Decorative outlets with 3 traditional outlets 2 USB, a cell phone holder and a night light while providing surge protection. multiple stylish designs available.

Kelvin looks forward to bringing you more multifunctional products to enhance your life. We like to have some fun too with the world's most useful Spinner the Kelvin 007 Fidget Spinner and Multitool.